Timeline of published works

1833     'Dinner at Poplar Walk' in Monthly Magazine

1836     Sketches by Boz

1836-7  Pickwick Papers

1837-9  Oliver Twist

1838-9  Nicholas Nickleby

1840     Master Humphrey's Clock

1840-1  The Old Curiosity Shop

1841     Barnaby Rudge

1842     American Notes

1843     A Christmas Carol

1843-4  Martin Chuzzlewit

1844     The Chimes

1845     The Cricket on the Hearth

1846     The Battle of Life

1846     Pictures from Italy

1846-8  Dombey and Son

1848     The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain

1849-50 David Copperfield

1852-3  Bleak House

1852-4  A Child's History of England

1854     Hard Times

1855-7  Little Dorrit

1859     A Tale of Two Cities

1860-1  Great Expectations

1864-5  Our Mutual Friend

1870     The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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sam allen 8 November, 2010

wow i love these books ive read most of them

Amii Daviies 14 January, 2011

I have only even seen/read 'A christmas carol' and 'Oliver Twist'-they were both fantastic-thanks Charles Dickens....R.I.P

amy gillespie 5 January, 2012

i have read the usborn collection and enjoyed all the stories in the book,lots of times!

lynn 9 October, 2013


Euan Hughes Williams 11 January, 2016

That has really helped on my homework!
That's a lot of books!And they are all great ones!

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