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Charles Dickens’s first home in Portsmouth has been turned into the Charles Dickens’ Birthplace Museum.  Although it does not contain the original furnishings installed by the Dickens family, it has been decorated and furnished according to the contemporary style of 1809, when Dickens’s parents first moved into the house. 

The Charles Dickens Museum was set up at Dickens’s former London home in Doughty Street, Holborn.  It was here that he wrote The Pickwick Papers, Oliver Twist, and Nicholas Nickleby.  The museum houses manuscripts related to Dickens’s work, and still contains the original furniture that furnished Dickens’s home. 

Dickens World was constructed on the site of the former Navy Pay Office in Chatham, where Dickens’s father’s used to work.  Its attractions include a boat ride, reproduction Victorian school, haunted house, 4D cinema and theatre. 

The former Charles Dickens Centre in Eastgate House, Rochester, was inspiration for Westgate House of The Pickwick Papers and the Nun’s House in Edwin Drood.  Although the Centre is now closed, visitors can still view Dickens’s Swiss chalet in the garden. 

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Darcie Cobos 12 April, 2010

I have a Charles Dickens Heritage Foundation chair that I don't know what to do with. Do you have any suggestions?

RAJA VELOU 29 January, 2011

During the Dickensian period, there was a clown by the name of Grimaldi. Charles Dickens admired him as a clown, and this admiration drove him to edit the memoirs of Grimaldi in a book.
I happened to get hold of the later edition of this book. This book altough a later edition, was still going back to 1866!! I managed to buy this book from an antique book dealer. Had to pay £52.00 two years back.
Its a treasure Would love to reasss its value.

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